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Who We Are

"Billions of people currently do not have access to reliable electricity or potable clean freshwater and I was one of them…"

-CR Christian Lecorps, Founder

Haitian Origin
I grew up in Haiti for the first 13 year of my life where I developed artistic affinity, humility, altruism and a taste for tapping into the neighboring building’s power feed to keep my refrigerator running...until the arc flash scared the hell out of me. After taking a few appliances and power supplies apart and getting shocked a few times before I was 10, I wanted to put an end to planned blackouts and I was hooked on becoming an electrical engineer without knowing that’s what it was called. Sometimes, the writing’s on the wall.

WPI Class 2013
B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering | Concentration in Power Systems
5 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer in construction industry on and off the field with the Solar Decathlon China 2013

The Atlas Timeline


Atlas Powers, LLC
Co-Founded with three core members

Atlas Powers Shutdown
R&D continues
Issues with manufacturer and temperature stability
People value safety over reliability and novelty

September 23, 2017

Pivot to floating power plant

Calculations prove feasibility

October 12, 2017
November 1, 2017

Atlas Power Systems

Provisional Patent Filed

November 13, 2017
Winter, 2017

Computer-Modeled Proof of Concept
3D modeling and FEA/CFD simulation
Core team formed

Funding Round 0
Raise $60,000 through bootstrapping, licensing, and government grants

February 2018
April 2018

100 kW land-based prototype

Funding Round 1
Raise $350,000 for 100kW floating prototype with desalination

July 2018
January 2019

Funding Round 2
Raise $2.1M for first 2MW floating plant

PPA for 2MW Floating Power Plant

May 2019

When you set out to do the most important thing in your daily life and want to get the most out of the day so you can feel that you are in control, fearless and triumphant in the face of challenges and setbacks; feel loved and be loving; feel significant and know that you are making a difference by contributing to something worthwhile and experience the kind of joy and happiness that comes with growing, you'll find no better solution to your electrical energy need than our SHED system.

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