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Atlas Prime

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Compressed Air Renewable Integrated Energy Supply and Storage Solution 

We are redefining the status quo surrounding energy security in developing regions around the world. By reliably providing renewable energy to every business and community, our compressed air renewable integrated energy supply and storage solution (CARIES) aims to reduce current energy costs by 30%.

Our advisors consist of engineers, serial entrepreneurs, educators, and environmentalists. They have an impressive track record working in business development, electrical engineering, turbomachinery, sustainability marketing & logistics, strategic planning, public relations and finance. Additionally, they hold Masters and PhDs from MIT, NYU, Northeastern, UMass Boston and UMass Amherst.



Converts Sunlight to Heat

CARIES converts sunlight and heat into usable electricity. CARIES is a flexible unit that can take advantage of any heat source, whether it is exhaust from an industrial plan or heat from the sun itself.


Designed to Grow with Demand

The CARIES Alpha series comes in 15 Kilowatt (kW), 26 kW, and 50 kW outputs in the form factor of 10, 20, or 40-foot shipping containers. The architecture of the unit is designed to grow with demand and with the built in long-term storage, it operates long enough to make electricity more affordable.



We envision a vast impact from our CARIES units that subsequently lowers the cost of food and water, creates jobs, and helps to accelerate the transition to renewable energy throughout the world.


Unique Advantage

Now is the perfect time to invest in a CARIES unit! Our market demand is growing over 30% per year and the cost to build our CARIES unit is decreasing by 1.91% per year. 

Whether you are protecting your home or business assets, CARIES provides the energy storage you need. From frequency regulation to bulk energy storage, CARIES uses compressed air to provide long-term storage without the added cost of batteries and excess energy sources.


About Us & Why CARIES?

Atlas Prime is an independent global power producer aiming to transition the electricity sector to 100% renewable energy. We will start with the Telecommunications industry in emerging markets by using our affordable package which includes: a flexible energy supply and a storage solution.

Each of us has been impacted by the sudden lack of availability of electricity during a crisis. We could not wait for a world where universal electricity was a reality for those in desperate need of it! With the implementation of our compressed air renewable integrated energy supply and storage solution (CARIES), Atlas Prime is leading the way to making climate justice a more inclusive social justice movement. Learn more about our role in the community on our community page.


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If there’s a company that truly embodies the intersection of social justice and climate justice, it’s Atlas Prime NRG.

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